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music production


From the first Take to the final Master Cut takes a lot of time and trouble if there is no helping Hand by our side. I am specialized in the following audio jobs, that you get your musicproduction right in time without trouble :

  • Voice & Sound recording and edit
  • Editing and mixing musicproductions ( stereo and surround )
  • Mastering for all mediums ( CD, DVD, Vinyl etc. )
  • Pre Mastering ( PQ Coding, fade corrections, break marker settings )
  • Add and dub Sounds, Music and Voices to Movies and Videos
  • Compose arrangements, creating remixes and samples 
  • Creating audio logos for :
    • tv/ radio commercials
    • websites & banner
    • answering machines

I use mobile equipment, so it`s possible to record outside to get the live vibes or the character from special sounding venues in your Musicproduction:

  • live recording ( Tours, Concerts, Festivals, Sessions etc. )
  • Musicproduction in selected Chambers, Rooms and Studios